The Veil

My apologies for not posting lately.  Life as it is, has had to come first.

I was sent a link to a page on chapel veils today and it contains this poem.  I thought you all might like it.  The rest of the link is quite good as well.


Oh lowly, little, chapel veil,
You are my dearest friend.
For when my hair’s all mops and brooms,
You cover, end to end.

And when my hair’s not curling right
Or when it sticks out straight,
You gently hold it all in place
And make it look first rate!

But feminists, they hate you so,
You lowly, simple thing.
To them you are so vile, not veil,
To praise Our Lord and King.

And passing by the Church of Seven,
“Autonomy’s”, their phrase.
They never know the joys of Heaven,
Such as, no bad-hair-days!

For lowly, lacey, chapel veil,
You tame my hair, so wild!
But truth-be-told, though I look nice,
It’s really for The Child.

When I first started to veil I was a bit self conscious.  No longer.  I would miss it terribly it I couldn’t wear one (for whatever reason) and I would feel very inappropriate.


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